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  • Soon enough, school will be out for the holiday season. And with it, parents and grandparents everywhere will be looking for a way to gather the whole clan together on a family-friendly winter escape. Whether you’re looking for cultural immersion with interesting locals and sites, adventure travel that elevates everyone’s heart rates, or multisport options to keep it fresh every day, the travel experts at Classic Journeys have compiled a list of the top vacation options for families to help you make the most of your time off. So, gather the family over dinner and have everyone vote for their favorite activity and destination.

    BELIZE AND GUATEMALA — A luxury eco-adventure taken to beautiful extremes. Walk through rainforests teeming with birds and animals. Climb to the top of Mayan ruins at Tikal. Snorkel and kayak over the colorful coral gardens from your private catamaran.

    Woman Diving in Belize

    MOROCCO — Will any kid forget a camel ride in the Sahara or a night in a Berber encampment? You’ll bike in an oasis, walk in a 900-foot-deep gorge, see snake charmers and meet the friendly people of this amazing land.

    Family on camel in Morocco

    PANAMA — The next eco-tourism hotspot. Paddle a dugout canoe to a rainforest village. See
    anteaters, parrots and hummingbirds, taste shade-grown coffee, go ziplining.

    Tourists with local children

    GALÁPAGOS — The coolest active vacation ever. Penguins, giant land tortoises, iguanas, sea lions and blue-footed boobies. Plus, guide-led sea kayaking, snorkeling, mountain biking and family-friendly boutique hotels with pools (instead of cruise ship cabin fever)!

    Kids watching Sea Lion in Galapagos Islands

    CUBA — A remarkable exposure to Cuban culture, history and life on a trip including activities for kids ages eight to 18 to 48 to 80. Meet local students, farmers and artists, cruise the streets of Havana in classic cars from the ’50s, and change the way you see the world.

    Tourist in old car in Havana

    PERU & MACHU PICCHU — A multisport take on everyone’s Top 10 Bucket List destination. Machu Picchu, with the included option to climb the Inca Trail. Plus bike and walk the Sacred Valley, explore Cusco, meet local school kids, and get a chance to hang out with llama herders.

    Children in Peru

    COSTA RICA — Wake up to white-face monkey chatter. Zipline through the rainforest canopy, go whitewater rafting, spot three-toed sloths and hummingbirds on fun wildlife walks. And everyone enjoys the comfort of luxury lodges.

    Woman Zip lining in Costa Rica

    VIETNAM, LAOS & CAMBODIA — Take a bath with an elephant. Explore awesome caves along Halong Bay. Bike along the Mekong River, meet rural schoolchildren and rice farmers. Give alms to monks and climb on the ruins at Angkor Wat. 

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