Here are five ways to take your Costa Rica adventure vacation beyond eco and the beach. Classic Journeys’ Costa Rica walking tours leave plenty of time for nature watching and wave-splashing. And they reward you with a richer, rounder experience.

1. Caffeinate
Find out how your morning joe gets its mojo. Visit a small coffee plantation for a firsthand look at the non-intuitive route from red, juicy coffee cherry to the fresh roast that’s ready for “cupping”.

2. Elevate
Sit in on classes at a small local school near San Ramon. The kids and teachers love visitors. You get a real glimpse of local culture. And it’s an excellent chance to do good by offering support that can make a huge difference in this rural community.

3. Luxuriate
Nayara Hotel & Gardens was just named the #1 resort in Central and South America by Travel + Leisure. It’s #6 in their worldwide rankings. At the foot of Arenal Volcano, it’s a paradise within a paradise—the ultimate proof that eco-travel doesn’t equal roughing it.

Hotel Nayara

4. Hyperventilate
Plan on some very positive adrenalin release. From the tamer thrills of a forest canopy walkway and reef snorkeling to the cowabunga charge of whitewater rafting and zip lining, Costa Rica gives you plenty of sporty ways to cut loose a little.

5. Assimilate
Exploit the knowledge of your full-time local guides and naturalists on Classic Journeys’ Costa Rica walking tour. Ask about tico life, the mating habits of macaws, or pre-Columbian history. You’ll bring home a dimensional understanding of Costa Rica that most visitors never even imagine.