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One of this tour’s fine hotels
Our goal is always to find the most interesting and memorable lodging a region offers. Here's one of our favorites from our walking tour vacation in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. For a complete list, please call 1-800-200-3887 or email us.

Admiral Hotel
The Admiral Hotel in Copenhagen is one of our favorites from this itinerary. Located in a completely restored warehouse dating back to 1787, the hotel is on the harbor front next to the Queen’s residence, Amalienborg. Beautiful pine beams and accents adorn the rooms and public areas of the hotel.
Where the tour begins and ends

Starting Point: Copenhagen, Denmark - 1:00 pm

Ending Point: Bergen, Norway - 3:00 pm

What the weather is like
Summer in Scandinavia is temperate, but cool, featuring episodes of cloudy weather interrupted by sunny days.  During the months of May through August, there may be sunlight for more than 17 hours in some areas of Scandinavia.

Daily Highs (°F)
 July  August
Copenhagen  69  69
Bergen  62  61
Background reading

A History of Scandinavia: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland - T.K Derry
This comprehensive volume gives a historical overview of Scandinavia from prehistory to the present day. It emphasizes the common cultural, political and social background of the five modern states.

Hans Christian Andersen, The Life of a Storyteller -
Jackie Wullschlager

The acclaimed biography of Copenhagen's most famous denizen, who rose from his lot as a washerwoman's son to dine with princes and literary lions—yet who died alone and unhappy.

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