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  • Prague to Budapest Walking Tour

One of this tour’s fine hotels
Our goal is always to find the most interesting and memorable lodging a region offers. Here's one of our favorites from this itinerary. For a complete list, please call or email us.

Hotel Ruze
Opened in 1889, this beautifully renovated hotel is a stunning example of 16th century Renaissance architecture. Located above the River Moldau, the views from the panoramic terrace are breathtaking. Charming rooms maintain the spirit and style of the Renaissance while offering modern amenities.
Where the tour begins and ends

Starting Point: Prague, Czech Republic - 1:00 pm

Ending Point: Budapest, Hungary - 9:00 am

What the weather is like
Bohemia and northern Austria have a temperate climate. The temperature is generally very comfortable and does not have very significant temperature extremes during the summer months. Temperatures in Hungary are warmer during the peak summer months due to the hot and arid Pannonian climate in the central Hungarian plains.

Daily Highs (°F)
 June  August  September
Prague  69  73  65
Budapest  75  78  71
Background reading

Prague, A Traveler's Literary Companion - Paul Wilson
An anthology of 24 vivid stories by Prague writers, contemporary and well known, brings the city of Prague to life. The stories and essays—covering cultural life, society and love—are organized geographically by district.

Budapest 1900, A Historical Portrait of the City and its Culture -
John Lukacs
Written by a distinguished historian and native son, this excellent book is a richly detailed cultural portrait of the city at its zenith.

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